Value Added Services

Value Added ServicesCCX Direct is committed to providing a complete IT Asset recycling service customized to your organization’s expectations and requirements. Our goal is to do our absolute best to make your alliance with us both profitable and seamless. That being the case, CCX provides the following "value-added" additions to our program:

  1. Guarantees of dismantling and signed certificates of destruction
    If your inventory is proprietary in nature and you must have assurances that the retired product will not be re-sold in the channel, CCX will promise liquidation of the material according to your specifications.

  2. Product Storage and Warehousing
    In some situations, it may be more advantageous for you, our valued supplier, to delay the liquidation of your inventory assets due to an anticipated shift in market values. CCX can advise you on the optimal timing of the sale of your product to ensure that you receive maximum value.

  3. Data Erasure and Security
    Aimed at our hard drive and Flash Storage suppliers, CCX will make sure any confidential data on retired storage devices is properly eliminated so as to ensure full confidentiality and security of intellectual property.

  4. Consignment Services
    CCX Direct offers a variety of flexible consignment programs should you decide not to sell your product outright. We will assume possession of your inventory, audit the shipment, warehouse the goods and strategically market the material in hopes of capitalizing on potential renewed demand for your obsolete, retired inventory assets. The inventory is 100% yours until you direct us to sell.

Lastly, CCX Direct will always be up-front with you about the value of your retired electronic goods.

Sometimes, the material we receive truly does not offer the opportunity for CCX to enhance it monetarily beyond what it represents. In this case, we will offer an outright purchase of the lot according to prevailing scrap metal value and liquidate the material for you. We pledge to do our best in any case to help our suppliers realize more upside and earn the opportunity to be your recycler of choice for future projects.

There is peace of mind in knowing that your assets has been valued fairly and competently and that “no stone has been left unturned” as far as receiving the ultimate monetary yield for your inventory assets. Contact us today to discover the CCX Advantage!