Spot Market Services

Spot Market ServicesThe “Spot Market” is an industry term used to describe the “open” or non-franchise avenue of product sourcing and distribution of electronic devices. CCX Direct is an independent distributor and not confined to contractual obligations in our product sourcing endeavors which means significant price savings and flexibility for our customers. Our clients receive the most competitive prices available in the entire market for the same exact quality products purchased at a premium from Franchise Distributors with sometimes excessive lead-times. CCX is a true wholesale outlet dedicated to providing today’s busy high-tech purchasing professionals the product they need when they need it at the best price. This is particularly the case with difficult-to-find, end-of-life (EOL) or “legacy” products.

CCX Direct reduces your supply-chain risk by tirelessly working your qualified purchase requirements and accessing our worldwide database of trusted suppliers until we locate the product your need. While online sourcing websites are adequate for some, CCX provides a more personal and qualified level of service. We utilize over twelve years experience servicing the supply-chain to deliver according to your lead time, date code, packaging, AVL and other engineering specifications. CCX believes in providing timely and accurate information and firm quotes in response to your product inquiries so you can be more productive and focus on your core business.

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