Memory Recycling Enhancements

Welcome to CCX Direct’s Memory Recycling Enhancements Program

Memory Recycling Enhancements ProgramCCX Direct is an industry leader and innovator in the optimization of memory material Recycling and IT asset disposition. With over twelve years experience in trading memory modules, cards and Flash-Based USB drive products, CCX Direct is well positioned to provide the type of professional, comprehensive asset recovery services your company deserves. Our straight-forward and flexible programs offer the “new-wave” in memory module recycling….a higher value paid for your material and an finely tuned process that takes the stress and uncertainty out of the liquidation process. Lastly, CCX Direct is a staunch advocate of the environmentally sound disposal of retired electronics. You can be assured that we will properly dispose any material we handle for your organization

What is Memory Modules Recycling Enhancements?

CCX Direct can help your organization recycle and liquidate virtually any type of electronic device and computer component such as system boards, video cards, processors, I.C.’s, hard drives, LCD monitors and whole computer systems. While CCX is not limited to recycling just retired lots of memory modules, we do focus on this type of IT material for one simple reason – we know memory. With the “Green Movement” quickly gaining momentum, there are many companies attempting to capitalize on this by acquiring material the “old fashion” way : outright purchases of retired gear in hopes of buying low and selling high without any additional monetary value to you – the original owner of the material. CCX believes that this method is both outdated and unfair to our valued suppliers.

Memory Enhancement is quite simply the comprehensive optimization of value for your retired memory module material. CCX professionals have the product expertise to quickly identify potential surplus value above and beyond base-level metals recycling value by the pound. We diligently sort all modules and use our market acumen to determine if additional spot-market value exists before consigning them to the “scrap heap”. This is the first step. In many respects it is the same as receiving a fair and unbiased “appraisal” for your material so that nothing is left to chance. Flexibility is also a staple of our process and we always treat the material as the property of our valued suppliers until a liquidation proposal is presented and accepted by our client. We encourage open communication during the evaluation process and are eager to answer your questions, discuss strategy and address any concerns you may have.

CCX Direct’s primary business is RELATIONSHIPS…. We are most interested in building long-standing, mutually beneficial business relationships that far supersede a one-time transaction. Delivering on our assertions and commitments, providing unrivaled customer service and adding to your bottom-line is the foundation upon which we are building our business – one client at a time.

There IS a better way – CCX Direct Memory Recycling Enhancements!

Memory Module Recycling Enhancements – The Process

Most of our prospective trading partners understandably want to know the mechanics of how we process a recycling project. The simple answer is that we do not make a “project” out of the process!

  1. We ask for some basic information regarding your material such as approximate weight, material type and how it is packaged
  2. We ask in a general sense what your goals and expectations are for the material.
  3. CCX Direct receives the material into our secure facility and conducts a thorough audit of the shipment.
  4. We promptly process the shipment and identify any material in the entire lot that may represent additional value above and beyond scrap metal value.
  5. We present a detailed offer to you based on the overall intrinsic value of the material which can be significantly higher than standard per pound value.
  6. Once our offer is accepted, we request an invoice for our purchase and expedite payment immediately.
  7. If, for any reason you are not satisfied with our offer and wish to either recoup the material or have it sent to another destination of your choice, CCX will ensure timely and discreet transit of your material.

Please contact us today for more information on CCX's Memory Recycling Enhancements Program.