Memory Buyback Program

Not sure what to do with do with all that old memory?

You can SAVE by participating in CCX'S buy-back program!

Memory Buyback ProgramThe Goal of CCX's memory buyback program is basic - to help convert your obsolete RAM into cash.
If your organization is planning to upgrade IT Systems, CCX will provide a reasonable credit towards the purchase of more powerful memory modules or buy your previously owned RAM.
This is usually more advantageous than relegating unneeded PC hardware to a storage closet or depositing them in a trash bin. It is also better for the environment.
We will gladly service School Systems, Government Agencies and Corporations of any size.

About the CCX buy-back program

  • You must buy a minimum of 10 modules in order to take advantage of a buy-back credit towards your upgrade purchase.
  • The modules that you receive credit for do not have to be the same type as the modules purchased for the upgrades.
  • The following modules are generally accepted for credit however they are subject to change. SIMMs and DIMMs (EDO and FPM), DIMMs (SDR, and DDR), and SODIMMs (SDR and DDR).
  • CCX will value the trade-in modules based on working or non-working condition and will apply a credit towards your next purchase. The amount of the credit will vary depending on what type of module it is and whether the module is in working condition. The credit amount cannot exceed the amount of the purchase.
  • All accepted buy-backs by the customer are final, and buy-back parts become the property of CCX Direct, Inc.

How does the CCX buy-back process work?

  1. Receive a quote: Contact a CCX representative to receive a quote on the 10 or more memory modules you plan on trading in. Quotes can be obtained before you place your new order.
  2. Place your upgrade order: Place an upgrade order for 10 memory modules or more.
  3. Send in your old memory: CCX will provide you with an authorization number and shipping instructions, and then you will forward the memory you're upgrading to the address indicated. Return your parts within 30 days to receive the price you were quoted. Customer’s will be responsible for the shipping and insurance charges as well as the tracking of buy-back parts to CCX.
  4. Receive credit: After your used memory is inventoried and tested we will issue a credit for the amount of the return. Parts must match the description provided in the initial buy-back value quote to receive the value quoted.

For more information on our buy-back program, please contact CCX today at 401.453.2001.