About CCX Direct

About CCX DirectCCX Direct is an independent distributor of computer hardware and electronic components with a keen focus on memory related products. Formed by open-market industry professionals, CCX maintains a firm belief in building long-standing, mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers and customers while also adapting to the evolution of the modern supply-chain. CCX built its business and reputation on innovation, flexibility and an adherence to the old-fashioned lessons of “The Golden Rule”. We strive to treat our customers and vendors as we wish to be treated with fair prices, quality, honor and respect for their time and responsibilities.

CCX Direct operates primarily as a full-service inventory asset management firm and secondarily provides effective spot-market and IT Recycling services. We are direct with many of the world’s most significant Original Equipment Manufacturers and share close relationships with a vast network of Systems Integrators, Contract Manufactures, Resellers and Brokers alike.

In 2004 CCX Direct formed a computer recycling and memory module recycling enhancements program. This new directive aims to ensure that obsolete and unwanted electronic material is properly disposed of while helping our suppliers realize the optimal return for their obsolete inventory. This creates a true win-win situation for the client and for our planet.

Thank you for visiting our website and please feel free to contact CCX anytime if you would like to learn more about our organization.